Andrew Wachtel


Rector of Narxoz University


University of the future in the world of robotization and digitalization

Dr Andrew Wachtel was appointed Rector of Narxoz University in 2018.
Dr Wachtel is the author of more than a hundred academic publications and a dozen books, and is a published translator. He is a reviewer for Stanford, Cornell, Duke, Princeton, and Northwestern universities, and for Yale University Press, Routledge Publishing, The Slavic Review, SEEJ and The Russian Review. He is is a full member of the US Academy of Sciences, and speaks Russian, Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/ Serbian, Slovenian, French, and Polish fluently.


Prior to joining Narxoz University, Dr Wachtel served as president of AUCA (American University of Central Asia), and continues work as the head of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities.

Since 2014, Dr Wachtel has been advising the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation concerning the development of higher education.

Having graduated from Harvard University (Faculty of History and Literature) in 1981, Wachtel gained his PhD from the University of California (Department of Slavic Languages and Literature) in 1987. He began his academic teaching career the following year at UCLA, as professor of Russian literature. Dr Wachtel worked for five years at Stanford University as assistant professor of Slavic language and literature. Subsequently he spent twenty years working at one of the oldest universities in the United States: Northwestern University. In addition to teaching, he supervised master and doctoral programs at Northwestern, which included 3,500 students from eight schools.