Gizem Kolabas

Gizem Kolabas


Learning & Development Manager at Capsim Turkey

Topic: Unforgettable Business Learning “Experiential Learning Model”

Abstracts to the topic of the speech:

  • 21 Century’s Educational Approach
  • Why Experiential Learning?
  • Why Risk Free Learning and Management Trainings with Simulations?
  • What Are the Outcomes? And for whom?
  • For Which Development Area?
  • Learning Outcomes with Capsim Simulations

Information about the speaker:

Gizem Kolabas, after graduating from Yeditepe University Department of Business in 2005, finished her 16-year classical ballet education in 2001.

She worked for the energy company Shell as a euroShell Card Operation Manager between 2005-2009, and contributed to the work conducted with the international transportation sector. She continued her career as a ballet teacher in 2010, and taught classical ballet to children, especially those between the ages 4-9, in Tan Sagturk Academy. During this time, she focused on the physical effects of ballet and pilates workout by taking part in international certificate programs such as Rael Isacowitz, Balanced Body, Michael King and Pilates Academy International. She finished her education in Ballet Teaching: Pedagogical Formation at Sofia University in 2013.

Between 2015-2017, she managed the customer relationships of a startup qualified to join the event “Startup Istanbul 2016” as one of the first 100.

Gizem Kolabas recently finished the MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) Program in 2018, and currently works at Capsim Turkey, state-of-the-art Experiental Learning solutions in corporate and academic learning and development. Accompanying this, she continues her work on physical development exercises for individuals and mindfulness.

Information about the company:

We are an official affiliate of US based Capsim Business Simulations Company operating in East Europe and Caspian region. We provide different solutions in a wide range from basic managerial skill sets to high-level business management solutions based on “experiential learning”.

All our learning programs are “learning by doing”. This is how we differentiate. Our educators are seasoned professional practitioners who have kept close ties with academia. We call ourselves facilitators because our role is to shine the light on whatever path each participant in embarking on. This role takes many years of experience in Management together with many hours of personal development.

We subscribe mostly to the Mintzberg approach whereby learning and practicing are fused so that executive development becomes fun, because it becomes real. Decades of undergraduate, graduate and professional education….We built the bridges but we all know the process takes very long.

What we as Capsim/Praxis have accomplished is to fill the gap itself instead of building a bridge resulting in unforgettable business learning.